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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Esei Temuduga Mara

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hiwabarakatuh,
Alhamdulillah bersyukur ke hadrat ilahi kerana memberikan kesempatan untuk berkongsi sedikit ilmu bersama para pembaca yang dihormati sekalian.Sudah  hampir sebulan setengah ana menetap di Kuantan untuk menuntut ilmu dan mempersiapkan diri sebelum berangkat ke Mesir.Hari ini cuma nak berkongsi tentang esei Mara yang mungkin berguna buat adik-adik yang bakal menduduki SPM dan mendapat keputusan yang cemerlang.

Esei Mara (Ana punya-Medic Timur Tengah)


Dr. Hairul Anuar that is what people will address me one day. It not just an imagination but it is my own target to be a muslim doctor. My full name is Hairul Anuar bin Mahat. My former school was SBP Integrasi Gopeng. I am the third of five in my family. My father, Mahat bin Delon works as a policeman and my mother only a housewife. I have three brothers and one sister. One of my brothers now still doing his first degree in University Malaya. While my second brother studying in Kuala Kangsar Community Colleague. And another two, my little brother and sister, both of them in primary school.

When I was child, I studied in S.K. Clifford and manage to get 4 A`s and 1B in UPSR examination. Soon after, I get an opportunity to study in boarding school, S.M.A Izzuddin Shah. There, I learned about the priority to be a pious muslim instead performed well in academic. For my PMR examination, it was my luck to get 8 A`s and 1B.With the good result ,I got an offer to a better school with title Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (SBP). I started my new secondary year at SBP Integrasi Gopeng. This school was the centre of accumulation of brilliant students across Perak , Selangor, Penang and Kedah. I have to struggle hard enough to maintain my good performance in examination. All my courage had been proven when I got 5 A+, 4 A and 2 A- in SPM.


I play some important role in my school when I hold some important position in student`s affairs. I gained immense leaderships skills as the head prefect of religious biro, head of Usrah and Tarbiyah Biro(BASHAR), head of Religious Biro in Emerald`s house and Treasurer of Sepak Takraw Club. I have learnt through experience to maintain my composure under any circumstances and to work with minimum supervision instead of study hard for the examination.
Meanwhile, I participated several activities held by my school and represented my school in several competition. The high achievement is when our march `s team had win the first place in District Marching (NGO) Competition. Then, we represented our district in country level which is the first time for Scout Club to get involved in this level even we did not win. I`m also had been selected to represented of my district to the Merger of KRS and NGO Camping Country Level 2009 in Manjung for five days. In sport field , I `m represented my school for the District`s player Selection in Sepak Takraw. And the momentous memory was when I became a Director for Together Everyone Achieve More Program (TEAM) which is one of the prominent activities in my school. When I was in National Services, I had been promoted as Assistant Leader of Bravo Company (WIRA).
Besides, I`m also received some awards from the school and district levels. In district level, I got NILAM AWARDS from Kinta Selatan District Education Officer, Raja Abdul Rahman bin Raja Amran because of my achievement on reading 287 books. Then, in my school I received Co –curricular Excellent Awards in 2008 for my good performance throughout the year.


After doing some research on universities in the middle east and the flow of my future education, I plan to further my studies in Jordan as an undergraduate student in medical and have a degree in this field for five years. Before that, I have to attend three month of Arabic language foundation in INTEC or selected local institute. I will enter to the university that will be offered to me which is determined by the authorities. Some renowned universities sponsored by JPA and MARA in Jordan is Jordan University Of Sciene and Technology. The university is among the best world-rank medical university so, that is my target university. The best place can make the best student. After graduating with my first degree in the medical field, I would devote myself as a doctor who is fully committed to his duty of serving the nation and country. I will have to work at any government hospitals for at least three years before I can have my Master as a postgraduate student to be a specialist in certain field. At the same time, the invaluable experience I would gain in the local hospital can make me exposed to the real situation and the kind of patient that I will deal with it. `Experience is the best teacher’. So with this experience , it will create me a lot to be a professional doctor one day.
I want to be a specialist in optometry field as since my early age, I have developed great passion and affinity toward this field. Optometry is a health care profession concerned with eyes and related structures, as well as vision, visual systems, and vision information processing in humans. An old proverb goes, "The eyes are the window of the soul."This proverb means that how important of the eyes for human to make their life more colourful. For me , I thought that our eyes is the most important organ because we use it frequently for daily works . Life without eyes can make someone live in the darkness. But nowadays, the negligence and ignorances of our community in paying attention towards their sight and eyes condition often caused them to be burdened with visual illnesses such as myopia and even glaucoma later. So I think I would take the responsibility to instill awareness among the masses especially pertaining to daily optical care.
I plan to save huge amount of money so that one day, I can have my own medical centre. This may sound too ambitious but we have to set a benchmark so that, when our minds have set a goal , it will catalyst ourselves to strive for it. ‘Aim for the moon, if you fall, you will fall amongst the stars’, this quote means that we must have a strong ambition so, even though we did not manage to reach it, we are pretty close. 

Esei Mara(Anas bin Zukornain-Engineering)

I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I have always been taught to be generous, caring and respect the others. Thus, sense of creative developed naturally and I found myself as one who loves deeply about solving problems practically and creatively. I absolutely believe engineering profession is a platform for me to achieve my ambition of generating a creative community and this can be done by forging close relationships while serving my ideas of engineering for our country. My father only work as principal in SMK Seri Ampang and my mother is a full-time housewife. I am the youngest one in my family.
Given a chance studying in excellent Gopeng Integrated Boarding School developed me into independent and competitive person. My time and financial management skills improved as I had to balance my academics and co-curricular activities. As a result, I was awarded Anugerah Gemilang Kokurikulum 2009 and Best Student PMR 2007. I also was elected to be the vice secretary for the Tenpin Bowling Club 2009. Being a vice secretary taught me to be organized, optimistic and have good communication skills. Furthermore, it has made me always not to afraid trying something new.
Besides, I have learnt to be confident and physically and mentally prepared when I actively participated in several nasyid and dikir barat competition. Work as a team enhanced my teamwork thus always shared the inspired vision that I believe essentially needed in the engineering profession that requires us think out of the box. In the other part, I also learned other cultures especially French cultures in French Cultural Day SBP national level. Socialize with French people taught me to be more mature in facing the global world of numerous cultural values.
Apart from that, I developed professional leadership skills as the Head of Dining Hall and Canteen Prefect bureau and Head of 3K Bureau for my house. Priceless experience gained during my service not just matured my thinking but also tolerate with everyone. Not only that, I learned to handle big events such as Monthly Dinner and Birthday Party.
I already planned my target in my education and future career and then achieve my dream. In the next few months, I prefer to take up International Baccalaureate in the engineering courses at Mara College Banting. This is because International Baccalaureate consists of Theory of Knowledge (TOK), expanded essay, and Creative, Action and Service (CAS) allows me to broaden my knowledge. Moreover, Mara College Banting is one of the leading International Baccalaureate center in the world.
To further my view of future, I ought to think about University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. Rationally, I choose University of Sheffield because it is listed in top 100 universities in the world which is 86th and holds number 118 in engineering universities ranking. Moreover, this university research partners and clients include Boeing, Rolls Royce, Unilever and Boots, AstraZeneca, GSK, ICI ,Slazenger and more household names that usually expert in engineering. If I will be given chance to further my studies there I will gain as much experience for my job as this globalization world need people who competitive and adaptable.
After graduating with my first class degree in the engineering field, I would devote myself as an engineer who fully committed to his duty of serving nation and country. At the same time, the priceless experience I would gain throughout the years would also provide me before I could proceed further to become professional engineer and gain title Ir. While practicing to be a professional engineer, I will work with the government at least 5 years to help my own people since this field is less monopolized by Malay bumiputras. I believe that mechanical engineers are in high demand In Malaysia. Our local Universities are expected to produce about 2000 engineers a year. By my current estimates, taking into consideration the number of graduates who will migrate to other fields which they find more lucrative, it is feared that Malaysia will continue to face a shortage of engineers in the foreseeable future, so I am willing myself to become as engineer for my beloved country.
Like others, after graduates they want to open their own shop, but for me I want to open my own research and development center (R&D) that doing research in mechanical engineering. To empower our technology, we will have collaboration with international companies and share the technology in Malaysia for Malaysian sake. Since my childhood, I have developed great passion and interests in the engineering field. The problems nowadays that caused by machines changed people views towards engineering especially pollution. Therefore, I am all the more enthusiastic to be part of the engineer team that changes our world to a safer future.


Anas Zok said...
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Anas Zok said... btul esei no.2 tuh, msti org tu hensem gler


adey..anas...haha..sorry aku publish ang punye esei..

Nur said...

salam.. ada x contoh esei utk sains actuari n mathematic(tenaga pengajar mara) klu ada.. blet tolong sent ke email sya ya,, thnks :)

intan suraya said...

thanx for the essay..:)

Anonymous said...

mesti buat dlm bntuk esei ke?lau poin2 x bleh?

Hairul Anuar said...

intan suraya: sama2..
Anonymous:wajib buat dalam bentuk essay..point tak diterima rasanya...

Anonymous said...

can i add bombastic or idioms in it ?

john cena malaysia said...

eh bukan esei yg kena bwat ni must not more than 300 words ke?

Anonymous said...

terima kasih yer banyak2 esei ni
saya mintak izin untuk dijadikan rujukan,boleh?

Anonymous said...

thanx 4 da essay.
saya minta izin jadikan rujukan yer,tqvm:)

Hairul Anuar said...

john cena:masa kami dulu essay mmg not more than 300 words tp ramai yg buat lebih...x salah pun..

Unknown said...

Thanks for that..and good luck to u.may u can reach your dreaming moon ;)

Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum , terima kasih kerana memberi guidelines kpd lepasan spm yang ingin memohon scholar MARA ;)

TOkie DOkie YAHoooooo said...

bngganyer ade senior from my school that makes this superb essay

mai said...

mohon dijadikan rujukan ye...

Anonymous said...

mnx kbenaran wat contoh ea esei kamu dorang

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